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Black Rock Coalition: The BRC is governed by an executive board and an advisory board; board members have included Me'shell Ndegeocello, Bernie Worrell, 24-7 Spyz, the members of Living Colour, Bill Stephney, Craig Street, Sekou Sundiata, Chocolate Genius, Don Byron and Nona Hendryx. Artists who have participated in BRC activities include Doug Pinnick (frontman and bassist of the progressive metal band King's X), Spacey T, Keziah Jones, Tamar-kali, Suffrajett, Graph Nobel, Imani Coppola, David Ryan Harris, Jeffrey Gaines, Sophia Ramos, FunkFace, Pillow Theory, Apollo Heights, Avery Brooks, DK Dyson, Carl Hancock Rux, Caron Wheeler, and DJ Reborn.
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1235 deaths: People who died c. 1235. See also: 1235 births.
Bob Gorinski: Bob Gorinski (Robert John Gorinski) was born on January 7, 1952 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. He was a native of Norvelt, PA. and a graduate of Mount Pleasant Area High School in 1970. He made his Major League Baseball debut on April 10, 1977 for the Minnesota Twins. Gorinski played for the Minnesota Twins for his entire 1 year career with a .195 batting average. [1]
SAT Subject Test in Mathematics Level 2: The Mathematics level two test can be seen as one of the most generous non-foreign language SAT subject tests in terms of score. Mathematics gives 10% of its test-takers a perfect score of 800, and a mean score of 644, both of which are the highest of all non-foreign language SAT subject tests. Level two also has a median of 650, with the physics test being the only non-foreign language with a higher median.[2]
Pope Peter V of Alexandria: Mark I · Anianus · Avilius · Kedron · Primus · Justus · Eumenes · Markianos · Celadion · Agrippinus · Julian · Demetrius I · Heraclas · Dionysius · Maximus · Theonas · Peter I · Achillas · Alexander I · Athanasius I · Peter II · Timothy I · Theophilus I · Cyril I · Dioscorus I · Timothy II · Peter III · Athanasius II · John I · John II · Dioscorus II · Timothy III · Theodosius I · Peter IV · Damian · Anastasius · Andronicus · Benjamin I · Agatho · John III · Isaac · Simeon I · Alexander II · Cosmas I · Theodosius II · Michael I · Mina I · John IV · Mark II · Jacob · Simeon II · Joseph I · Michael II · Cosmas II · Shenouda I · Michael III · Gabriel I · Cosmas III · Macarius I · Theophilus II · Mina II · Abraham · Philotheos · Zacharias · Shenouda II · Christodolos · Cyril II · Michael IV · Macarius II · Gabriel II · Michael V · John V · Mark III · John VI · Cyril III · Athanasius III · John VII · Gabriel III · John VII · Theodosius III · John VIII · John IX · Benjamin II · Peter V · Mark IV · John X · Gabriel IV · Matthew I · Gabriel V · John XI · Matthew II · Gabriel VI · Michael VI · John XII · John XIII · Gabriel VII · John XIV · Gabriel VIII · Mark V · John XV · Matthew III · Mark VI · Matthew IV · John XVI · Peter VI · John XVII · Mark VII · John XVIII · Mark VIII · Peter VII · Cyril IV · Demetrius II · Cyril V · John XIX · Macarius III · Joseph II · Cyril VI · Shenouda III (current)
Pseudancistrus sidereus: This is a fairly large loricariid (up to around 18 cm standard length), and is distinguished from its congeners by a strong keel on the caudal peduncle and the colour scheme which is generally very dark with bright white or yellow spots on the upperside.
X-Treme Sports: X-Treme Sports is a Canadian English language category 2 digital cable specialty channel owned by Canwest Media Inc.; a division of Canwest. X-Treme Sports airs programming presenting extreme sports and extreme sporting events such as the X Games and ECW wrestling.
1991 in comics: Notable events of 1991 in comics. See also List of years in comics.
Slantsy: Slantsy (Russian: Сла́нцы) is a town in the western part of Leningrad Oblast, Russia, the administrative center of Slantsevsky District. It is situated on the Plyussa River, 192 km west of St. Petersburg. Population: 36,400 (2005 est.); 37,371 (2002 Census); 43,087 1989 Census). Officially founded in 1934; town status was granted in 1949.
Fermanagh and Tyrone (UK Parliament constituency): Nationalist MPs were elected in every general election and by-election held in the constituency, except for the 1924 UK general election, when no Nationalist stood and two Ulster Unionists defeated two Sinn Féin candidates.
M/F: While he decides to go to Castita, a fabricated country located in the Caribbean, Lowe the Lawman, a partner of Miles's father who knows the secrets of the Faber family, tries to stop him.
Tammy Leitner: Leitner joined the news staff of KPHO, the CBS affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona, as a crime reporter on September 3, 2002. She has won three Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards - the first in 2004 for a piece she did on Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's notorious Tent City, the second in 2006 for a breaking news story and her third in 2007 for continuing coverage of an invetigative story.[1] Leitner has 10 Rocky Mountain Emmy nominations to her credit.
Frederick Wright-Bruce: This article incorporates text from the Dictionary of National Biography (1885–1900), a publication now in the public domain.
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Cult of Luna (album): Cult of Luna is the debut full-length album by Swedish post-metal band Cult of Luna, released in 2001. It was originally released by Rage of Achilles, and later by Earache Records after the band signed a record contract.
Alan Knott: In 1970 he finally did make his maiden Test century, 110 at Auckland against New Zealand. He had missed the first match of that 1970-71 series, Bob Taylor taking the gloves solely as a reward for patience. Knott did not miss a Test until 1977, making a sum of five centuries and twenty-eight 50s in that time.
Joan Vaccaro: Joan Vaccaro (formerly John Vaccaro) is a physicist at Griffith University and a former student of David Pegg (physicist). Her work is in quantum information theory and is a member of the ARC centre of excellence school of quantum computing. She has frequently collaborated with Stephen Bartlett (physicist) and Howard Wiseman.
C/AL: Looping over a recordset and modifying the individual records is achieved with only a few lines of code.
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An Elegant Evening: An Elegant Evening is a 1985 (see 1985 in music) album by the American jazz singer Mel Tormé, accompanied by George Shearing.
Kunszentmiklós: Kunszentmiklós is a town in Bács-Kiskun county, Hungary.
Patsy Seddon: Patsy Seddon (born 12 January 1961, Edinburgh, Scotland) is a Scottish harpist, performing with bands such as The Poozies and the duo Sileas.
LeGrand (band): Legrand is a Swedish band from Malmö. The band was formed in Lund 1999 under the name Hype by the members Anders Tillaeus, Sinisa Krnjaic, Martin Lundgren and Mats Wallander. The following year, Anders' older brother Fredrik Tillaeus became a member and the band moved to Malmö. 2001 Mats was replaced by Martin’s younger brother Fabian Lundgren, and the same year, the band changed its name to Legrand. Their first album was released in October 2005.
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