Kbkm wz. 2003: The kbkm wz. 2003 is a light machine gun of Polish origin, designed in the early 2000's to replace the 7.62 mm RPK series of support weapons. The machine gun is currently being evaluated.
Kennedy Bakircioglü: 1 Stekelenburg • 3 Silva • 4 Vermaelen • 5 Emanuelson • 6 Kuffour • 7 Kennedy • 8 Urzaiz • 9 Huntelaar • 10 Luque • 11 Leonardo • 12 Heijblok • 15 Delorge • 16 Suárez • 17 Vertonghen • 18 Gabri • 19 Rommedahl • 20 Ogăraru • 21 Manucharyan • 22 Mitea • 23 Lindgren • 24 Donald • 25 Van der Wiel • 26 Sarpong • 27 Anita • 28 Krohn-Dehli • 29 Perez • 30 Gentenaar • 31 Colin • 32 Slijngard • 34 Goossens • 37 van der Heijden • 38 De Jong • 39 Wormgoor • Manager: Koster
Kalle Parviainen: While Parviainen was the leading scorer at his previous club, KuPS, he has played mostly as a defender at FC Haka. Versatile Parviainen played as a midfielder before becoming a striker.
Templates for deletion/Log/2007 July 9: The background on these templates is as follows, {{Euro birth date and age}} was created by RadioKirk on 2 November 2006 as a breakaway from the main {{Birth date and age}} which was created on 24 August 2006 by Ed Poor. This template was created for the express purpose of displaying the output in the date format of dd/mm/yyyy. The reason for this template was so that non-logged in users and users with no date preferences set, would see the date of birth of biography subjects who were either born in or who are primarily associated with a geographical region who uses that particular date format, that is most countries outside of the United States. So as an example, a non-logged user who accessed the article on Tony Blair would see in the infobox that he was born on "6 May 1953" as opposed to "May 6 1953". However, it should be noted that a logged in used whose date preference was mm/dd/yyyy, or any other preference, would override the template.
Fort Livingston, Louisiana: The remains of the fort are somewhat of a tourist attraction, although it is only accessible by boat. The fort is located directly east across Barataria Bay from the U.S. Coast Guard Station on Grand Isle, Louisiana. Grand Terre Island is also currently home to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries' Marine Laboratory. The fort itself is also part of a wave protection project being conducted by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources[11]. The project consists of a rock dike built to conserve the Gulf shoreline of West Grand Terre Island and protect Fort Livingston. As a result of tropical storm systems in 2002, the erosion rates along West Grand Terre Island greatly accelerated, requiring some type of protective barrier to be built[12].
Prachalit Nepal script: Prachalit Nepal script is a type of Abugida script developed from the Mol script derivatives of Brahmi Script. It is used to write Nepal Bhasa, Sanskrit and Pali.
HNoMS Lyn: Models of late production Lyn class torpedoboats, seen from the stern.
Suspected sock puppets/Kahmed: Kahmed account appears to be someone's sockpuppet for abusive editing and/or attacks; aside from this article it has precisely two edits and created an article on its initial edit. Additionally, it went straight to threatening and edit warring on this article.
Viscount of Stormont: He was succeeded in the lordship of Scone and the viscountcy of Stormont according to the special remainder by David Murray, 2nd Lord Balvaird, who became the fourth Viscount Stormont (see the Lord Balvaird for earlier history of this title). He was the son of the aforementioned Andrew Murray, 1st Lord Balvaird. On his death the titles passed to his son, the fifth Viscount. In 1711 he was created Earl of Dunbar, Viscount of Drumcairn and Lord Halldykes in the Jacobite peerage and later supported the Jacobite rising of 1715. His third son was the prominent lawyer and judge William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield and Mansfield. In 1793 Lord Stormont's grandson, the seventh Viscount, succeeded his uncle as second Earl of Mansfield according to a special remainder in the letters patent. For further history of the titles, see the Earl of Mansfield and Mansfield.
Ingeborg i Mjärhult: Ingeborg was active in Virestad in the parish of Kronoberg in Småland in the first half of the 18th century. She was the daughter of the peasant Daniel i Uthövdan and she married Måns Gudmundsson i Mjärhult, with whom she had four children. She was sought after for medical care at a young age, and became a so-called "wise old woman" when she was in fact still young, and she became famous after she became a widow in 1716.
Robert Otway: Otway was born in the family home of Castle Otway in Tipperary, Ireland, one of the very large family of Cooke and Elizabeth Otway. One of his younger brothers was Loftus Otway, later a significant army officer of the Peninsular War. Otway however, chose a navy career over his father's objections and became a midshipman in 1784 on the guardship HMS Elizabeth.[1] Between 1785 and 1793, Otway experienced many transfers between ships, mainly operating on frigates in the Mediterranean, West Indies and along the West African Coast. During this time he served on board HMS Phaeton, HMS Trusty and HMS Blonde, making lieutenant in the sloop HMS Falcon.
Herbert Hoover Dike: Over the years the quality of the flood control around the lake has grown. In the 1910s, a small earthen dike was constructed. This containment was breached by the storm surge from the Great Miami Hurricane in 1926 and the 1928 Okeechobee Hurricane, killing thousands. In the 1930s, a larger system of levees was built around the lake. Following heavy precipitation and flooding from two hurricanes in 1947, the dike was again expanded in the 1960s to create the current Herbert Hoover Dike. The cost of construction was about $165 million (USD). The dike is now about 30 feet (9 meters) high on average. This should be sufficient to protect against future storm surges or flooding; however, there are some concerns that the dike is falling into disrepair.
Piraattiliitto: Piraattiliitto states that its goal is a copyright reform which would see non-commercial copying allowed and the length of copyright for commercial use reduced. The organization asserts that "people should be encouraged to share culture instead of stopped from doing it" and that copyright laws which prevent the use of a work even 70 years after the death of its author are "absurd".[1] Piraattiliitto has criticized the Finnish copyright law for being one-sided and for leading to unreasonably large damages and an "atmosphere of fear".[2]
The Promotion of Equality and the Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act 2000: {{Among the yardsticks by which to measure a society’s respect for human rights, to evaluate the level of its maturity and its generosity of spirit, is by looking at the status that it accords to those members of society who are the most vulnerable, disabled people, the senior citizens and its children}}
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Sam Hughes (musician): He died in poverty in 1898 in Reading, Berkshire, England. The ophicleide died with him. His widow received a small grant for his burial from the Royal Society of Musicians. His instrument is on display in the Cyfarthfa Castle Museum, known around the world as one of the best surviving examples of its type.
Rats Saw God: Rats Saw God is a novel written by Rob Thomas, published in 1996. It covers many of the issues present in his later work, the television show Veronica Mars, such as high school cliques and separated parents. There is also an episode of Veronica Mars with a similar name (Rat Saw God).
The Forgotten Tales: The Forgotten Tales is a compilation album by Blind Guardian. It was published in 1996. The cover artwork was created by Andreas Marschall. "'The Forgotten Tales'" contains several cover versions of popular songs, including "Mr. Sandman", "Surfin' USA", and "Spread Your Wings" as well as alternate versions of the band's previous works. Remastered and re-released on 15th June 2007, with bonus tracks and videos.
Dance in Cameroon: Canary Islands / Ceuta / Melilla (Spain) · Madeira (Portugal) · Mayotte / Réunion (France) · Puntland · St. Helena (UK) · Socotra (Yemen) · Somaliland · Southern Sudan · Western Sahara · Zanzibar (Tanzania)
New Museum of Contemporary Art: The New Museum of Contemporary Art, founded in 1977 by Marcia Tucker, is the only museum in New York City exclusively devoted to presenting contemporary art from around the world. Over the past five years, the New Museum has exhibited artists from Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroon, China, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Germany, Poland, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, and the United Kingdom among many other countries. The Museum presents the work of under-recognized artists, and has mounted ambitious surveys of important figures such as Ana Mendieta, William Kentridge, David Wojnarowicz, Paul McCarthy and Andrea Zittel before they received widespread public recognition. In 2003, the New Museum formed an affiliation with Rhizome, a leading online platform for global new media art.
Ballarat railway line, Victoria: Port Fairy Line · Serviceton Line · Bendigo Line · North East Line · Orbost Line Western SG line (Melbourne-Adelaide)  · North East SG (Melbourne-Sydney)
EHF Champions League 2005-2006: The top scorers from the 2005–06 EHF Champions League are as follows:
Architectural design competition: This method is used to generate interesting ideas for the building design, to generate publicity for the project and allow unknown designers the opportunity of gaining exposure. Attaining the first prize in a competition is no guarantee that the project will be completed. This is due to any number of local issues that can develop at the proposed construction site. The owner of the site must also be able to obtain financing for construction and often has the right to veto the winning design. The original 2002 World Trade Center Master Design Contest in New York City is a prime example of a highly publicized competition where only the basic elements of the winning design by Daniel Libeskind will appear in the finished project.
WDIC (AM): Other Virginia Radio Regions: Blacksburg-Christiansburg-Radford-Pulaski • Eastern Shore • Farmville • Northern Neck • Roanoke Rapids-South Hill • Southside • Southwest Virginia • Virginia Highlands
Ōtoyo, Kōchi: Ōtoyo (大豊町, Ōtoyo-chō?) is a town located in Nagaoka District, Kochi, Japan.
Economy of Ghana: In September 1979, the civilian government of Hilla Limann inherited declining per capita income; stagnant industrial and agricultural production due to inadequate imported supplies; shortages of imported and locally produced goods; a sizable budget deficit (almost 40% of expenditures in 1979); high inflation, "moderating" to 54% in 1979; an increasingly overvalued cedi; flourishing smuggling and other black-market activities; unemployment and underemployment, particularly among urban youth; deterioration in the transport network; and continued foreign exchange constraints.
Hadith of the pen and paper: Shi'as also refer to it as "The Calamity of Thursday" (Arabic Raziyat Yawm al-Khamis)
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